With WWDC just on the other side of the weekend, it is time for all the news and blogs to generate speculation about what will be revealed at WWDC 2012. First and foremost, we know that there will most likely be hardware updates for some, if not all, of the Mac lineup. Some of the rumors include Ivy Bridge, Retina Displays, High Definition Displays, USB 3.0, more Thunderbolt, etc. However, one thing is for sure, iOS 6 will be announced and new features including Apple’s own mapping software will surface allowing developers to begin utilizing these new tools.

Some other additions that have speculation surrounding the release of iOS 6 besides the Maps application include: Siri for the iPad, further iCloud integration, Facebook integration similar to Twitter’s current integration, Airplay mirroring similar to what we’ve seen in the Mountain Lion developer previews, and automatic updates to iOS apps from the App Store.

Other hardware rumors include:

  • An update to the Mac Pro for the first time in years. New hardware means better Hackintosh in the following months.
  • The Macbook Pro may receive an upgrade to its display, upping the resolution to Retina standards.
  • The Macbook Pro may also receive USB 3.0 as a nice addition to the growing Thunderbolt ports.
  • Ivy Bridge for both the Macbook Pro and the iMac are also plausible as well as quad-core processing by default.

There are also continual rumors of the new iPhone with a larger (taller) screen, a 7-inch iPad dubbed by many the “iPad Mini”, as well as the oft rumored iTV. All of these products are expected to launch this year, however, it is unknown how many will be revealed at WWDC starting on Monday. We can only hope and wait.

Let’s discuss the most wanted and least wanted features and hardware in the comments below. I will actively respond with my opinion to anyone who comments!