Today, Apple released the third beta of iOS 6 to its developers who have long been awaiting an update. What did the update have in store? Read on to find out more about the update and even a download link!

In this iteration, Apple has included updates to several aspects that define the user experience.

  • First, the Maps app has been updated to include roadwork, accidents, etc. built right into the Maps app.
  • The first hints of public transportation (a much missed feature) are now included in the Maps app. So far, they have added the MTA Subway in New York City and the CTA and Metra in Chicago. Hopefully, they can continue moving west with this before the actual update rolls out.
  • The Maps app has also seen the inclusion of turn-by-turn directions as well as traffic information for select users. In addition, satellite imagery has also been spotted to show up on some devices.
  • The auto-brightness feature has been updated to increment gradually instead of all at once.
  • The reading list in Safari now shows when it is syncing between devices.
  • Safari now includes images for the bookmarks, history, and reading list icons instead of just text labels.
  • iMessage on the iPad now allows you to add phone numbers for more synchronized messaging across multiple devices.
  • 3D maps and models are starting to appear in select cities.
  • New settings for the Maps app as well as some new icons have appeared throughout the OS.
  • YouTube audio issues have been resolved.
  • Apps seem to crash less, Safari seems snappier (these things usually happen with updates)

So, there you have it. We are one step closed to the actual release of iOS 6. If you can’t wait until the actual release of these features, you can buy a developer account for $99/year and get access to all the betas including the GM version of Mountain Lion. However, if you still can’t wait, you can download the new iOS 6 Beta 3 from imzdl’s website here.

Hope you guys enjoy the new features of iOS 6! If you have any questions, please post them in the comments below! Also, let’s discuss your favorite features of iOS 6 so far!