If you iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad is showing you the incorrect time, here are a few suggested fixes for this common problem.

Step 1) Open the Settings app.

Step 2) Go to General then Date & Time.

Step 3) Set Automatically to Yes. If it is already marked as Yes then continue reading.

Step 4) Your network may need to be reset so that your carrier (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon) can push you the correct time. To fix this, go under the Settings app again.

Step 5) Go to General, Reset, and press Reset Network.

Step 6) This should fix most problems, but if not, the last solution involves setting your time manually.

Step 7) Open the Settings app and go back under General and then Date & Time.

Step 8) Turn off Set Automatically and then set your Time Zone and the correct time under manual setting.