Ever needed to step away from your computer for a brief moment but didn’t want to log out? You could always use fast user switching but then everyone around you knows that your computer isn’t really off because they can see your login screen. Well, a simple keyboard shortcut that I use every day is the key combination: control + shift + eject. What this keyboard combination does is lock your Mac’s screen (given that you check the box under System Preferences > Security and Privacy > General > Require password immediately curtesy of our reader, Lri) and it turns your screen black giving the illusion that your Mac is turned off because it puts your screen to sleep. This also helps prolong the life of your display because it won’t be stuck on one screen for very long (which isn’t so much a problem nowadays, however, it used to lead to stuck pixels on CRT displays). So, the next time you are away from your computer, be sure to press control + shift + eject on your Mac keyboard to put your display to sleep.

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