Do you have a tip that you would like to share? Do you like writing technical guides for nontechnical people? If so, then help contribute to Mac Hints from BinaryAge! We are now accepting blogposts that will be featured here on this site. You may choose to have your name and email published with your post and you will also be able to post one link to your own personal site!

Mac Hints from BinaryAge receives a substantial amount of traffic from the sum total of all the posts. Your website can benefit from such exposure. This is a great way to start an on-the-side career in blog writing.

The requirements for your post are:

  1. The post must contain a title.
  2. The post must be a tip, hint, tutorial, guide, or news post about an Apple, or Apple related product. This includes all Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, iOS as well as all the hardware the Apple manufactures.
  3. At least one solid long paragraph, or two shorter paragraphs. Longer posts (as long as they are relevant) are recommended but not required. Check out some of our previous tips for ideas.
  4. Not a requirement, but media (pictures, video) would be a plus!

To be considered, send your posts to negativetwelve[at]gmail[dot]com and if the post meets our requirements then we will post it right away! Have fun and happy blog posting!